Be careful ! You Strangers or Hoops your own people in the social network , were directly involved

Be careful ! You Strangers or Hoops your own people in the social network , were directly involved

Have you tried to seduce or discourage someone using social networks or electronic media? Or have you not been insulted by anyone in the electronic medium? If so, you may now have strong action. It is a pleasure to have fun, that's why my people are not allowed to do anything too.

The Bill, "Information Bill, 2075" Bill, which has been presented in the federal parliament and started discussion from Wednesday, has described such work as a criminal offense. The government has presented the bill in the federal parliament with the goal of decentralizing and regulating the electricity through the federal government.

Use of social network or electronic system, to stir up another person, constantly stirring such activity to the bill, has clearly explained the topic of action being considered as criminal offense.
Some have also been allowed to act like hazard, discouraged, insulted, or harassed. If such a work is done, the tenant has been made to pay the amount of compensation to the tenants for a sum of Rs 10 lakh or five years imprisonment or both.

Such kind of work has been made to pay such amount of rupees five lakh rupees, five years imprisonment or both of the punishment for doing so. Through the electronic system, there will be no communication, distribution, distribution, dissemination and sale of information, collection, and information available for any obscene content.

Such a bill has also made legal arrangements strictly not to be tempted by the electronic system and the abuse of the system. Sexual offense or fraud or any other illegal action will be to be a penalty offender for the purpose of being motivated.

The Bill has not been able to do any work that can disrupt relations between Nepal's sovereignty, integrity, nationality, or national unity, independence, or federal unity through the electrical medium. Such offense has been arranged for Rs.15 lakh or five years imprisonment and both will be punished.

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