Keep this in mind when using Facebook. Otherwise your personal information may be revealed to others

Keep this in mind when using Facebook. Otherwise your personal information may be revealed to others

At present, Facebook has become an integral part of our lives. Facebook has become a medium for spreading our anger from our past, but this can sometimes be a problem for us. Because we have personal information on Facebook, people are misusing it. In the meantime, here are three things to keep in mind when using Facebook.

Credit card details
Never put credit card details on Facebook. One of the biggest fears about account hacking is this.

Phone number
Hydrate the mobile number immediately. Never miss a phone number on a Facebook page. People will soon take advantage of the wrong of you.

Hackers can make your personal life a mess for your birthday. This will allow them to reach your bank, causing you to face a lot of problems.

Third party application
Apps like Testoni can take your personal information and even put you in danger. Quick apps are making money by giving you wind information as well as your family and friends from all over.

Access to real friends only
Never strangle strangers' friend requests. It would be wise to keep only your acquaintance's friends here.

Relationship Status
If you are in love with someone or have a breakup with someone, do not include such things on Facebook. Others will benefit.

Do not connect your bus
This is your personal space. Your words may be unpleasant to your bus, which may cause you to commute to the office.

Never reveal your location
Never tag your location on Facebook. Don't know who's staring at you.

Holiday Info
Remember, doing so will cost you a great deal. It is likely that you wrote on Facebook that you are going on vacation for 7 days and that your home may be stolen within the same 7 days. So good to not have such things on Facebook.

Family photo
By doing so, you are also passing on your enemies to your family. Immediately turn off your family photo.

Children's School Information
You may want to say a lot to your friends, but do not say anything about your baby on Facebook. Don't miss out on some of their school activities. Doing so will only bring you benefits.

Location setting always off
Whether on iPhone or Android, always keep location setting off. Doing so lets others know about your situation and as soon as they receive the news, such a person may do some different planning to harm you.


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