Birendra Bir Bikram Shah -King Birendra

Birendra Bir Bikram Shah -King Birendra

Birendra Bir Bikram Shah

Birendra Bir Bikram Shah(B.S. 2002-2058) was the tenth royal king of Nepal. He received a B.S. Ruled Nepal from 2028 to B.S.2058. His three children were born as Yuvraj Dipendra Shah, Adraj Kumari Shruti Shah and Adraj Kumar Niranjan Shah. Birendra had two brothers Dhirendra Shah and Gyanendra Shah. Dhirendra was killed in the royal court massacre.

Childhood and Education

Birendra was born on B.S.2002, Push 14 (December 5, 1945). His early education took place in the palace. After completing his secondary education at St Joseph's College in Darjeeling, India, he studied at Eton College in the UK. Later, he studied further in Japan and the United States. Virendra's marriage to B.S. In 2022, Aishwarya accompanied Shah.

Reign and Achievement
He became king after the death of his father, King Mahendra in B.S.2028 during the height of the Panchayat period.
  1. Coronation 203
  2. Peace Area Offerings
  3. Referendum B.S.2037
  4. Establishment of South Asian Regional Cooperation Organization (SAARC) B.S.2042
  5. Multi-party announcement B.S.2046
  6. Mattress Climbing Relief Festival B.S.2053
During the reign of King Birendra, democracy was restored in Nepal in the year of B.S.2037 through referendum and mass movement. For the first time in the year of B.S.2036, a referendum was announced to allow the people to choose the Panchayat or multi-party. His proposal to make Nepal a region of peace was made a mysterious image of the King of Peace by the world before his death, while mysteriously a fiery Venus family gathering.

However, flags between various political parties and the majority of social problems led to the Nepalese civil war, the conflict between the Maoist insurgency and government forces, which lasted from B.S.2051 to B.S.2062.


Birendra Bir Bikram Shah, who made a picture of the peace king, was killed inside the Narayanhiti Durbar on  Friday, Jestha 19, B.S.2028. Which is known as the Narayanhiti palace massacre.


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